Termight Replicas


Design and marketing
3D artwork for Judge Dredd badge and buckle
Judge Dredd Lawgiver Mk II, Strontium Dog Westinghouse, helmet & electronux, Luther Arkwright Vibro-beamer, Brit-Cit helmet
Jon Bayliss
Judge Dredd helmet Rogue Trooper biochips and Strontium Dog badge
Charlie Towers
Decals and new bucks for Lawgiver Mk II
Previous products: Dreddworld badges and Nikolai Dante Weapons Crest tattoo
Eagle badge for Lawgiver Mk II, Dredd badge, respirator badge for Dredd helmet, Dan Dare cap badge
Cliff Robinson Artwork for Lawgiver Mk II print
Design for Judge Dredd buckle
eatsleepthink Lawgiver Mk II print
Pegeen Willbourn Termight Replicas logo

Artwork acknowledgements

Martin Baines Dan Dare as controller of Spacefleet
Steve Dillon Judge Dredd helmet
Brett Ewins Rogue Trooper biochips
Carlos Ezquerra Strontium Dog items
Cliff Robinson Judge Dredd Lawgiver Mk II and belt buckle
Robin Smith Judge Dredd badge
Bryan Talbot Luther Arkwright vibro-beamer
Chris Weston Dan Dare cap badge