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Romanov Weapons Crest Tattoos

Tattoo set (3 yellow) - £1.00

Tattoo set (3 gold) - £1.00

These temporary wepons crest tattoos are 68mm wide and have been created using new artwork and colouring by Simon Fraser. Each colour scheme is sold in sets of 3 tattoos.

Tattoo Instructions

Cut round the edge of the tattoo, leaving a point - e.g. at the bottom. Carefully peel back the thin plastic sheet, starting at the point. Apply to the body and press the tattoo down.
These tattoos do not require water, and should last 1-2 days. The thin plastic sheet can be difficult to separate from the backing so practice on the offcuts before attempting a tattoo. A freshly placesd tattoo can be removed carefully for repositioning if necessary.

Crest artwork by Simon Fraser. Tattoos produced by Charlie Towers.
Nikolai Dante created by Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser © Rebellion A/S 2006