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Luther Arkwright's Vibro-Beamer

"The Executive Side-Arm For The Gentleman Assassin…"

Presenting The Armstrong Siddeley “Royal Albert” Vibro-Beamer – the most devastating hand held weapon ever devised!

This replica of Luther Arkwright’s most iconic weapon is constructed from ABS plastic, metal parts and hand carved wooden grips. The beamer is authentically weighted and given an extremely convincing weathered steel finish. Each will come with an individually sourced and hand restored genuine Victorian/Edwardian presentation case and as such each one will be a unique collector’s item.

The case label features new artwork by Bryan Talbot himself, and isindividually signed and numbered by him. Bryan is delighted with the beamer and has given it his full backing.

I am afraid that the Vibro-Beamer is no longer available.

Luther Arkwright © Bryan Talbot 2007