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Judge Dredd's Belt Buckle

This licensed Judge Dredd buckle has been cast in Zinc Alloy and then gold plated (24 carat) with an enamelled flag on the front. It is 9cm tall x 12cm wide x 1cm thick with a 4cm belt loop and a spike on the reverse so it can be attached to a belt.

The buckle costs £39.95 and suitable 1.5" wide black leather belts are available for £9.95.

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UPDATE 2 June 2011

Dredd buckles are back in stock. If you pre-ordered, your buckle will be shipped within the next few days.

Judge Dredd buckle - £39.95
Judge Dredd buckle (batch of 5 only £30 each) - £150
Leather Belt - £9.95
N.B. Belt sizes are for a Termight Replicas buckle.
Subtract 1" for use with normal buckles.

3D Dredd buckle artwork by Michael Carroll based on 2D artwork by Cliff Robinson
Judge Dredd created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra © Rebellion A/S 2008