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Judge Dredd's Helmet

Dredd helmet master
Dredd helmet master
Dredd helmet master

A licensed fiberglass Judge Dredd Helmet based on Steve Dillon's artwork (below). The maker was Jon Bayliss who previously created a promotional Judge Dredd costume for ReAction Figures, as well as sculpting their Durham Red figure. The lens is approx 1.5mm thickness poly propylene as used for motor bike helmets. The helmet is large (24") but if, like me, your head is smaller than Dredd's you can improve the fit by adding extra padding or wearing a helmet liner (e.g. a beanie hat).

The helmets came with gold-plated helmet badges (approx dimensions 92mm x 75mm x 4mm) with 4 vertical bars, attached to the helmets via 3 spikes (which originally had butterfly clutches)

This run of helmets ended in May 2011 and there are no plans for a further run.

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Judge Dredd created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra © Rebellion A/S 2007