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Dan Dare Action Figures

Licensed Dan Dare 1:6 Scale Action Figure!

Detachable Hands
Helmet with Clear Visor
Paralysing Pistol

A second figure with Dan wearing his green uniform is also in preproduction. Both figures are based on concept art by Chris Weston, which stay true to Frank Hampson's original designs. The back of the box features a page of Don Harley artwork from The Phoenix Mission as published in Spaceship Away.

The figures cost £99.95 each, and if bought from Termight Replicas will include a free full-sized Spacefleet cap badge. For more details please email me at < >.

UPDATE 25 Sept 2013

Now out of stock. Unfortunately the rest of the series never came to pass.

Concept artwork by Chris Weston based on Frank Hampson's original design
Dan Dare created by Frank Hampson © The Dan Dare Corporation Ltd. 2010