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2000 AD Character Meeples

Meeple box
Meeple silhouettes

Add thrillpower to your board games with these 2000 AD Character Meeples designed by Wakefield Morys-Carter and Nigel Dobbyn.

Each boxed set contains 66 wooden 8mm thick meeples: 60 standard (17mm) and 6 large (20mm). For use in Carcassonne, Stone Age and other Euro style board games.

  • Judge Dredd ® - black
  • Strontium Dog - green
  • Nemesis the Warlock - red
  • Halo Jones - yellow
  • Rogue Trooper ® - blue
  • Sláine - brown


Who Dares Rolls
The Battlehammer (video)
The Bottled Imp (video)

Update 1 July 2018

2000 AD Character Meeples are no longer available from Termight Replicas. Please buy from Matchlock Games or Midlam Miniatures.

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