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Judge Dredd's Badge

Judge Dredd badge

Judge Dredd badge
Judge Dredd badge

This licensed Judge Dredd badge has been cast in Zinc Alloy and then plated with 24 carat gold. It is 90mm tall x 85mm wide x 8.5mm thick (3mm at the rim) and has two large brooch pins on the reverse. The weight is a solid 190g.

The photo below shows the Termight Replicas badge (2006 version)
inbetween the two movie versions produced by SD Studios.

Judge Dredd badges

The first run of 300 badges was produced in December 2006, and the second in January 2010. The second run sold out at Kapow! in April 2011 and there are currently no plans to make any more.

3D Dredd badge artwork by Michael Carroll based on 2D artwork by Robin Smith
Judge Dredd created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra © Rebellion A/S 2006

"It's the classiest bit of 2000ad merchandising I've ever seen. " - Robin Smith
"Shiny enough to blind any assailant, strong enough to stop an assassin's bullet" - John Wagner